Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community

Today in California, one of the biggest threats to our health is from chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and stroke, which are worsened by tobacco use, alcohol abuse and not eating healthy foods or exercising.

That means our community stores play a vital role in our health. The first step is understanding what Californians find in their local stores. Surveys were conducted in 2019, between March and June, throughout California to assess product marketing and the availability of healthy and unhealthy options in stores that sell tobacco. Nearly 8,000 randomly selected licensed tobacco retailers were surveyed in all 58 counties.

The Goal

We can work together to make the healthy choice the easy choice. With better understanding of what’s in our community stores we can look to make changes that can help improve community health.

Facing Facts

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Each year,

California adults
die from

of California
high school
California Student Tobacco Survey, 2017-18. San Diego, CA: Center for Research and Intervention in Tobacco Control, University of California, San Diego; April 2019.
Youth ages

make up more than
5 out of
every 10

chlamydia cases and
3 out of
every 10

gonorrhea cases
in California.

of California kids

before the
age of 15.
California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), 15th Biennial Statewide Student Survey, 2013-15.

More than

80% of all deaths
in California

are caused by chronic diseases such as cancer, heart
disease, stroke and chronic respiratory diseases. California Department of Public Health. The Burden of Chronic Disease and Injury. California, 2013.

Many of these deaths can be prevented by
eliminating tobacco use, limiting alcohol intake, eating healthy and being physically active.

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30224 Tobacco Retailers

Number of Tobacco Retailers

0 - 41
42 - 139
140 - 473
474 - 671
672 - 1153
1154 - 8503

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