What We Are:

Statewide Collaboration

The Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community campaign is a statewide collaboration between tobacco and alcohol use prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention, and nutrition partners to examine what’s in our community stores and how that impacts public health.

What We Do:

Protect Californians

The aim of the Healthy Stores for Healthy Communities program is to improve the health of Californians through changes in community stores. We also work to educate people on how in-store product availability and marketing influences what we eat, drink and use. Working together, we can make healthier communities while maintaining vibrant businesses.

What's Changed in California?

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30224 Tobacco Retailers

Number of Tobacco Retailers

0 - 41
42 - 139
140 - 473
474 - 671
672 - 1153
1154 - 8503

Our Partners

Below is a list of our community-based Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community public health partners.